The history of film manufacture in Wolfen/Germany goes back even further than the days of GDR, where the name of ORWO was derived from ORiginal WOlfen.
In fact the cradle for AGFA film production was to be found in Wolfen. By 1910 production had already commenced on motion picture positive film for multiple copies, and shortly thereafter, a complete motion picture product range was introduced. The partition of Germany after World War II also resulted in the division of film manufacture. Consequently, after 1964 all films produced in the Wolfen factory came to be marketed under the name of ORWO. This factory became the second largest in the World, employing 15,000 people, and providing an extensive professional product range distributed worldwide. During 1996 the Wolfen factory became a casualty of the re-unification of Germany, when the controlling German State Trust liquidated the operation.
In 1998 the firm of FilmoTec GmbH was founded as successor of old ORWO film factory.

FilmoTec GmbH is now unique in the manufacture of film in the town of Wolfen, which has a long established pedigree as a centre of excellence for film manufacture in Germany.
Its corporate mission is leadership in specialized professional film markets throughout the World, through the provision of products of technical excellence in performance and quality, researched to provide synergy with the finest State of the Art being demanded by today’s professional users.

FilmoTec’s outstanding ability has been created using the wealth of human resources available to provide the best of expertise for its current operations, incorporating highly qualified German research scientists, production engineers, and managers, all skilled in the field of film manufacture. Having superseded such famous local giants as the firm of ORWO Filmfabrik Wolfen, FilmoTec is proud to be the modern successor to such a traditional local heritage.
FilmoTec’s business is focused upon the policy of concentrating its powerful technical resources into important black and white motion picture niche markets under the ORWO brand, and in being the most excellent and innovative manufacturer in this area to serve the demanding specialized needs of its true professionals. Products are particularly aimed towards the technical needs of the world’s Archive Industry, Motion Picture Industry, and Holographic Industry.

ORWO – A brand of Excellence in Black and White film products, Made in Germany