ORWO Positive Print Film PF 2

Product description:

The ORWO Positive Motion Picture film serves as a standard film for the production of black & white prints. PF 2 has an extremely fine grain and an excellent resolving power. PF 2 is suitable for all technical methods of black & white cinematography and, especially when used in connection with ORWO negative films and ORWO duplicating films, it produces excellent prints with well balanced grey values. The both anti static layers of the polyester film guarantee dust free projections.
PF 2 is discontinued. The successor is PF2 V3.

Download PDF: Technical Information PF 2

ORWO Positive Print Film PF2 V3

Product Description:

ORWO positive Print Film PF2 V3 is a high quality fine grain print stock with excellent resolving power for the production of outstanding black and white prints from regular negatives, but its design parameters go further to excel particularly in meeting to specialized needs of professional film archives, where is performance further enables to spanning of areas of extreme contrast on the original negative, delivering prints with an excellent grey scale range.
PF2 V3 incorporates the highest contrast of standards required for modern print material and archive work, having a polyester base, a coating that is inherently scratch resistant, and incorporating an anti-halation layer which clarifies during processing. An anti-static layer further guarantees printing without attracting  an electro static charge, and provides for dust limitation during film projection.

Download PDF: Technical Information PF2 V3