Sound Recording Film ORWO TF12d

Product description:

ORWO TF 12d has been designed to meet critical technical standards being demanded today by sound recording professionals. It is a black and white film of orthochromatic sensitivity, being characterized by superb quality attributes in high contrast,super fine grain, and ultra high definition.Accordingly, the design is ideal for use with both digital and analogue technologies. It has theoptimal spectral sensitivity necessary for high quality digital sound recording with DOLBYSR.D or DTS time code systems, and also for optimum exposure with incandescent and laserlight sources being used in existing analogue sound recording.The best possible degree of sharpness has been guaranteed by introducing a new AHU layer located between the film’s clear base and its emulsion, and this clarifies to neutral during processing. A permanent anti static layer between the base and the AHU layer and an antistatic backing to the film supplies protection from dust and static discharge, while also improving film transport efficiency .

Download PDF: Technical Information TF 12d